With this whole pandemic season still hounding each one of us, it appears the best gameplan is still to isolate and do whatever it takes to stay away from any form of infection.

With such a scenario, it has become a must to put layers of protection everywhere—from our houses, workplaces and even to our vehicles as catching even a simple cold could get anyone anxious nowadays.

In their bid to make motorists feel more secure, leading US-based aftermarket brand ACDelco has made available their latest offering which is the multi-functional cabin air filter.


This newest product from ACDelco allows car users to breathe that sigh of relief and confidence when on-board their vehicles with the kind of protection it offers.

This revolutionary cabin air filter is specially designed to eliminate risks of contracting  various types of viruses and bacterial infection, uniquely built with a three-layer filter structure such as the:

–          Aggregate Layer: the first green-colored bio-functional layer designed to trap allergens, bacteria and is mold-proof;

–          Electrostatic Layer: made with 100% Polypropylene that collects remaining micro particles; and

–          Activated Carbon Layer: high-quality active carbon that is capable of absorbing harmful air inside your car.

The creation of such led to the top quality product that can effectively sift pollen, acarida, dust, PM2.5 particles, harmful gases and various odors inside the car. Aside from that, it also protects vehicle occupants by preventing the spread of saliva droplets and fine particles in the air when talking, sneezing or coughing inside the vehicle.

Its screening effectivity goes as high as 99.99 percent on fungi, down to 83 percent on toluene.

Aside from filtering the usual pollen, mites and allergens, the ACDelco multi-functional cabin air filter can block Staphylococcus aureus, the bacteria that can cause pneumonia, Pseudomembranous enteritis, pericarditis, even sepsis and other systemic infections.  It is also proven to prevent Escherichia coli (the same bacteria that can lead to dehydration diarrhea or bleeding diarrhea, high fever, and other complications, such as blood in the urine, brain) from being inhaled.

For utmost protection the ACDelco Cabin Air Filter is recommended to be replaced every 10,000 kilometers or within six-months, whichever comes first.

The latest automotive aftermarket part can also be checked on its newly-re-launched website, http://acdelco.ph/ along with its myriad of high-class car maintenance parts, batteries, lubes, premium oils, filters, wipers and many more. You may also get updates when you follow ACDelco Facebook and IG accounts.

So if you want reliability and peace and of mind, always choose ACDelco to #BeCertain.

Check out more about this product at: https://acdelco.ph/CAFM.html