Picture this: you are about to go out for an “essential run” since your food, medicine or whatever supplies you need is already running low. You dress up, get your keys, wallet, face mask and face shield and even go back in for a pocket-size alcohol bottle and just when you are about to drive out when suddenly, the car won’t start – battery is dead.

This has become a realistic scenario for most of us since our cars are spending more time in the garage than on the road these days. Normally, car batteries are the most neglected part of the vehicle in terms of maintenance and we often only remember our car batteries at that exact moment when our engines would not start.

Depending on its maintenance and usage, a well-maintained car battery usually lasts two to five years. On the other hand, batteries that are not properly and regularly checked would most likely end up dead just shortly after its warranty period.  So, if you want to avoid banging your head on the steering wheel and getting all stressed out because your car won’t start especially during an emergency, here are some tips to follow to make the most out of your car batteries:

  •  Regularly check battery terminals

A loose or messy battery terminal may affect the battery charging. This can also cause untoward accidents to the vehicle. Inspect battery bracket

Car batteries have relatively sensitive internals. An improperly-fastened battery bracket—more so if the battery is not secured within the battery tray—will make the electric source prone to vibrations or strong movements, thereby possibly damaging the parts inside.

  • Avoid using car’s infotainment system or anything that consumes power when the engine is off

Another common mistake is using the car’s radio, stereo, or infotainment system while the engine is not running. Using the car’s sound system will drain its stored power as the alternator, the part of the engine that helps charge the battery,  is not able to do its work. Remember the time when we accidentally left that light on inside the car overnight?

  • Give engine proper idling time

Give your car ample idling time (about 10-15 minutes) before turning it off so the battery will be given sufficient time to charge via the alternator’s assistance.

  • Full car care

Some car issues result in your battery getting easily worn out. Always keep your car in tip-top shape to also avoid any battery-related problems. A healthy engine normally results to a healthy battery.

  • Batteries do not last forever

Be mindful of when the car battery was purchased. After two to three years, it is better to have it checked by an authorized ACDelco Philippines dealer. They are also ready to help you out on the right type of battery that your car needs.

So when having doubts on what vehicle battery you will have on your car, always choose to be certain: always choose ACDelco.

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