Restricted injector flow due to deposit formation will cause engine operability problems such as reduced power, increased fuel consumption, increased exhaust and particulate emissions and generally poor performance. Wax precipitation from the fuel caused by cold ambient temperatures will result in startability problems during winter months. The reduction of the sulfur content in diesel fuel will result in increased fuel injector and fuel pump component wear.


  • Multi-functional diesel fuel additive useful in all types of diesel engines, from trucks to farm machines to marine to stationary generators
  • Regular use will help remove and prevent fuel-related deposits in the injectors and fuel pump, resulting in noticeable power and torque improvements, decreased fuel consumption and emissions
  • Anti-gelling agents will improve fuel flow at low temperatures
  • Special additives provide lubricity to low-sulfur diesel fuels, to reduce harmful wear of fuel system components
  • Meets & exceeds OEM service requirements


APPLICATION: For deposit clean-up level of performance and for maximum flow improvement properties, add one full container (1 Litre) to 225 Litres (50 Gallons) of diesel fuel. For regular maintenance, or keep-clean level of performance, use 350 – 500ml of Diesel Fuel Treatment for 225 Litres of fuel.