A clean engine and engine compartment improve vehicle appearance and help retain vehicle value.


  • Heavy-duty, solvent-based product, formulated for superior grease-cutting performance
  • Spray-on and hose-off treatment results in better engine heat dissipation
  • Can also be used for industrial applications as well as around the home and shop to clean any metal surface, heavy machinery, steel, lawn and garden equipment, marine engines and equipment, as well as cement garage floors
  • Safe on rubber parts
  • OEM approved


APPLICATION: Spray product liberally and directly onto surfaces to be cleaned. Allow product to soak into grime for 5 -10 minutes. Hose off with a strong spray of water. DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER. For engine cleaning, product works best with engine warm, but not hot. For heavily caked-on grime, scrape excess off first before applying product. Cover electrical components, carburetors and TBI units before using product to prevent contamination by the product or the water used to rinse off the loosened grime and cleaner residue.