Maintenance Parts



ACDelco Oil Filters provide the first line of defense from harmful contaminants that can seriously degrade engine performance and lifespan.


  • ACDelco oil filters offer durable construction and provide maximum filtration efficiency
  • Heat treated tension spring keeps filter media in place under all operating conditions
  • Spiral perforated centre tube prevents filter media from collapsing & maximises flow compared to standard straight tube competitors. Can withstand over 75 Psi pressure differential across filter
  • Evenly spaced paper pleats with optimal media surface area for filter lifetime requirement
  • Synthetic blend media with high quality adhesive to ensure media sealing & full filtration of lubricant
  • Thicker filter shell offers burst strength five times greater than typical engine oil operating pressures
  • Double-lock seam between the shell and the retainer plate increases burst strength
  • Thermosetting adhesive between the ends of the filter paper and between the sides of the filter paper and the end plates, prevents unintended filter media bypass